Onyx was created by 3 individuals who just really like working together (sometimes). Honestly, Onyx was formed because, like most entrepreneurs, the founders wanted to make a difference. We like to think of ourselves as part-rebels and part-heroes. We are heroes because we work to make your life easier. And we are rebels because we actively question the status quo and challenge the norms.

We noticed that there’s a big gap between the knowledge that’s out there on technology compared to the knowledge that you have on how to make technology work for you. And in pure form, we question why that is so. No, we don’t think you should take the burden of being an expert in technology, that’s where we come in. But we very strongly believe that you should not feel overwhelmed by it. For example, thinking about implementing a basic CRM should not shake you to the core so much that you opt to continue working on paper.

And that, very simply, is why Onyx was born.

Our Story

Our Values

We are Transparent in our approach so that you see the complete picture and can make an informed decision.

We Adapt to you. We put in the time and effort to provide a solution specific to your needs. We try to make the box fit you, and not fit you into the box.

We are Flexible and will meet you where you are to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process.

While we are technology experts in general and can help you with all your technology needs, our core competencies are:

  • Salesforce Consulting
  • Agile Coaching and Project Management

Our Core Competency

The Team


Meet Hitesh. Hitesh has over 12 years of experience as technology and project management consultant. He is passionate about helping organizations become agile and gain efficiencies through technology.

Hitesh makes it possible for us to meet your expectations on time and on budget


Meet Krystal. Krystal brings years of industry experience having worked on a diversity of complex projects . Her dream is to create an environment that is modern and collaborative.

Krystal is the voice behind our brand and also our voice to the customer


Meet John. John has decades of experience in everything IT, and a decade of experience specifically in CRM. John’s motivation is to build the right solution for the customer that is scalable and meets their need.

John makes it possible for us to deliver creative and affordable solutions for you

Our Location

Onyx Consulting Services LLC

San Antonio Headquarters

18777 Stone Oak Parkway,

San Antonio, Texas 78258

 Contact Information:

Email: info@onyxconsultingservices.com

Phone: 210-201-3321

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